Site Objectives

To market your Racing Career in such a way as to build widespread awareness of McRae Motorsports Racing, The Team, Team name and Personality.

Targeting Sponsors Promising To maximize their sales, marketing and exposure opportunities.

The site should help motivate potential Sponsors - Fans -Advertisers etc.

Racing Lets You Showcase Your Competitive Edge

Racing sponsorship shows your company to be on the cutting edge.

Racing is regarded as exciting, unique and an effective marketing tool.

Demonstrates Leadership as a Company

Builds Corporate Image as a Competitive Cutting Edge Organization

Actively Promotes the Company and its Products Promotes Company Value

All sponsorship packages are negotiable. If you are looking for a package
that best fits your company, let's sit down and talk about your idea. We are
also looking for sponsors that may have a service, product or equipment
that will help us run a fast and safe car and truck. Contact us, if you fit one of these
criteria, we can create a sponsorship package for you. Safety is very
important with our team, and can be a very expensive necessity in racing.
Having modern tools, new parts, tires, or supplies keep us running strong
and safe. We hope to hear from you soon


Kostiw Construction & Sons


Please Click on there logo to see what our Sponsor have to offer you


urban shear

3725 Portage AVE

(204) 895-1190


Kostiw Construction

and Sons



Photographers & Media Productions






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